What is a Nazi?

What is a Nazi? A Nazi is, ideologically, not the Equivalent of a violent Mal-doer; he is, ideologically, neither politically nor ideologically aligned (if the Misalignment of Terms may be pardoned).

Some of the greatest Providers of Upliftment to Humanity have been Nazis.

A Nazi is one who does H(e)I(l). I must phrase it in that way because, in the free Lands of the United States and Canada, he who does that must be thrown into Prison — and I, while not resident in those totally free Lands, am Subject to the Laws of the Land where mein Website resides.

Nazism is, I say, the following:


  1. A heightened Awareness in regards to a higher purpose. For the Volk, for the Self, for the Soul.
  2. A Willingness to submit to the higher force.
  3. A Willingness to work hard.
  4. A Realisation of the Misery of Life, und therefore the Foregoing.
  5. A vision of the Beauty of Musik, and the appropriate Application of it thereof.
  6. The Idea that Man is not meant to eat Beasts; that He is above.


Und ja:


  1. The idea that the Underpeople must be killed. Sechs Millionen starben NICHT. Sehr viel Menschen für lang gearbeitet wurden. Jawohl. Auschwitz? Hier!


Why do the numbers for Auschwitz-Birkenau keep changing?

 “The number of deaths at Auschwitz has changed drastically over the past 75 years. The Nazis were famous for keeping detailed records, so why are the number of deaths at Auschwitz an estimate that keeps changing?”


Erster: “Vier Millionen”


Zweiter: “1,5 Millionen”

For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women and children”



Mr Yehuda Bauer’s page lists six million: Notice the name. Yehuda Bauer. Yehuda?




Danke, Herr Rense:


Neun Millionen: French documentary “Night and Fog”


Acht Millionen: The French War Crime Research Office

Sieben Millionen: The French War Crime Research Office

Sechs Millionen: Doktor “Miklos Nyiszli” war nimmer in Auschwitz

Fünf Millionen: Auf Gericht von Rudolf Höß. Er hier sprach’ Englisch, wie nimmer vor.



Und also:


4,5 Millionen: In 1945, cited by another witness at the Höß trial: Vier Millionen: A Soviet document of May 6, 1945 and officially acknowledged by the Nuremberg War Crimes trial. This figure was also reported in The New York Times on April 18, 1945, although 50 years later on January 26, 1995. The New York Times and The Washington Post slashed the figure to 1,500,000 citing new findings by the Auschwitz Museum officials. In fact, the figure of 4,000,000 was later repudiated by the Auschwitz museum officials in 1990 but the figure of 1,500,000 victims was not formally announced by Polish President Lech Walesa until five years after the Auschwitz historians had first announced their discovery.

3,5 Millionen: 1991 edition of the Dictionary of the French Language and by Claude Lanzmann in 1980 in his introduction to Filip Muller’s book, Three Years in an Auschwitz Gas Chamber.


Drei Millionen: Cited in a forced confession by Rudolf Höss, the Auschwitz commander who said this was the number of those who had died at Auschwitz prior to Dec. 1, 1943. Later cited in the June 7, 1993 issue of Heritage, the most widely read Jewish newspaper in California, even though three years previously the authorities at the Auschwitz museum had scaled down the figure.

2,5 Millionen: Rudolf Vrba (an author of various fraudulent accounts of events he claims to have witnessed at Auschwitz) when he testified on July 16, 1981 for the Israeli government’s war crimes trial of Adolf Eichmann.

Zwei Millionen: Leon Poliakov (1951) writing in Harvest of Hate; Georges Wellers, in 1973 in The Yellow Star at the Time of Vichy; and Lucy Dawidowicz, in 1975 in The War Against the Jews.



Und dann…

Ein Million


Jean-Claude Pressac, in his 1989 book Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers. This is interesting since he wrote his book to repudiate so-called “Holocaust deniers.”


Un nun — weniger als ein Million: 900,000

Reported on August 3, 1990 11, by Aufbau, a Jewish newspaper in New York

Auch weniger:

Reported by Gerald Reitlinger in his book, The Final Solution. 775,000 to 800,000

Und auch weniger:


630,000 to 710,000: In 1994 Pressac scaled his figure down; this is the figure cited in the German translation of Pressac’s 1993 book. Again, this is substantially less than Pressac’s 1989 figure of 1,000,000.

Unten auf Null

135,000 to 140,000: This is an estimate based on documents held by the International Tracing Service of the Red Cross.


Aber dann das Musik:


Every great conductor was a Nazi. (See above.)


Wer war ich?

Was tun Sie, was tut Herr Brahms?

Was haben wir… was haben wir getan…was haben wir, was haben wir, was…

Was machen wir arbeiten zur?




Exhibit 1: Der Nazi Herbert von Karajan. The masterest-conductor of all time, he has created the greatest Beethoven-Music of all time.


Exhibit 2 :Der Nazi Karl Böhm. Aber doch Karl August Leopold Böhm. The second-masterest conductor of all time, he has created the greatest Mozart-Music of all time. From Wikipedia: In November 1923 Böhm stopped a rehearsal in the Munich opera house in order to watch Adolf Hitler‘s Beer Hall Putsch. In 1930, he became angry when his wife was accused by Nazi brownshirts of being Jewish during the premiere of Arnold Schoenberg‘s opera Von heute auf morgen and to have stated that he would “tell Hitler about this.” When Hitler annexed Austria, he gave the Hitler salute during a concert with the Vienna Philharmonic.


Exhibit 3: Carlos Kleiber.” His Name is actually Karl Ludwig Bonifacius Kleiber. He had to change his name because of his migration to Argentina, so he was [as I infer] a Nazi.


In all the above, the common idea is paraphrased by the idea of the Symphonie-Prozess:


  1. The Master composes for the Masses.
  2. The Conductor understands what the Master has written.
  3. The Conductor then tells the Masses what each one should do.
  4. The Masses perform while the Conductor watches.
  5. If required, the Conductor — before the Performance — tells a Man what to do and what not to do.


Such is the Plan of God — One above the other, all the way down to the Untermenschen — and such is the Scheme of Nazis.


S e I g H e I l.! ! ! ! !


S     I     * E   G                 H   E I   L


Let this page be removed if the forces of Google say so! Here goes:





Is Mozart god?

To put this in Context, I must say that I believe that Beethoven is God. This is, therefore, a first Questioning. Ever coming back to Mozart after Months — or Years — of not listening to Music, I see: There is no Thing better in this Life than Herr Mozart!

Is there no Thing better than Herr von Beethoven? Ya, perhaps. If we ignore the Lord,  we might be spared the Terror, the Revelation of our Meaninglessness. We might be spared our Nonsense.

So is not so with Herr Mozart. With infinite Heart, he speaks for us, with us; even in the Trio he speaks, leave alone the first Movement.

And as my Tears stream, the Music proceeds 0nto Mvt. 4. Der Herr concludeth his Symphonie Nr. 25 hier, his second-greatest Symphonie. Es ist gulungen! A fifteen years ago, I avered that it was not. Ich bin gerichtet.

Beethoven the Lord said: “Music should strike Fire in the Heart of Man and bring Tears to the Eyes of Woman.” Perhaps Mozart the Beloved would say: “Music should make Humans happy.”

Alcohol, Faust, and The Devil

This is my Understanding from Faust. I am drunk, and hence the alcohol speaks. It speaks true. But — It is the Devil that speaks. (And I am not the Devil.) What Devil? Goethe’s Devil, not the Devil of the Bible. Who speaks? The Devil in Me. What is that? Goethe’s Devil, again. (I repeat myself, for a purpose.)

Remember Nietzsche? “Hell is eternal repetition”? This is what I have achieved in the preceding Paragraph. It is Hell.

Remember Goethe? “Only that which is fruitful is true”? That is true, and true again: I am attempting, while drunk, to drill some sense into mindless people. [This, they call the sheeple as of 2013.]

So what is my Point?

That is the Point. There is no Point, no Grundlage, for what I write here. Gentle Reader, does that make sense to you in 2013?

In the rare Event that it does not, I beg to remind you that no Thing makes Sense, and I, making no Sense, am “in sync” with the World. What did you do today?

Spent You Time on Facebook? What did you see? Faces? Did you care for those Faces? Or were you looking for your Self? Did you perform Activity there? You did so out of Vanity.

Spent Time on Google? Apart from useful Things, what did you do? You merely killed Time? Or?

Spent Time with your Smartphone? What did You achieve? You enjoyed the Time? You killed Time? What else did you do?

Took the Time out to entertain… took the Time out to…. took the Time out to… and then? How better are You than a Drinker of Ethyl Alcohol, such as I am?

I am better than you. Why? Because I am writing This, and You are reading This. That is why I am better than You.

Every Paragraph I write begins with an “I”, and hence I began this one without. Even though I am drunk.

That is my Strength: to ken what is strong.

It seems too simple, and all this is too complex for the Modern World, where the Word is degraded, where Music is called Rap.

My Friend John F Penner, where art thou? Are you still Writing?

And may this be the Lesson to All: Drink, and You will be Pointless — in other Words, without Point. But That is the Point.

Drink and be merry!


The story of Faust tells it All. When drunk, we are at Auerbach’s Kelller. When in Love, we are in Marthen’s Garten. When in Sin, we are in Gretchen’s Stube. When in deep Trouble, we are in Kerker. When upheld, the Archangel Ariel tends to us. When uplifted, we are in the Emperor’s Court. When dreaming within the upheld Court, we are in Greece, among the Griffons and the Sirens. When back on Earth, we are with the Devil.

We each have our personal Devils, but Goethe painted the Archetypal Devil: Mephistopheles.

We are with the Devil, and He thinks we are done for. And so he digs our Grave. (Englishcer-Deutscher mixup: Graben im Deutschen ist same gleich als the Grabe. And “die” ist “die” as in “die Grabe”.) And then, blinded, we fall in, and We are dead. And Gretchen —  and then Mother Mary — comes: not as Saviour, but as reminder: The woman will make you go on.

You need no Saviour. You need a Woman. My Woman is Alcohol. Faust is the Story of Alcohol.

That is the stupidest Thing I have said. It is because I am drunk. Alcohol melds itself to every Story.

But does the Above not make sense? (Pun intended.)

I rest my case. (My cask.)